You should keep relax

When you encounter something you fell very anxiety or pissed off,in this time,you should keep relax,because if you always keep anxiety or pissed off in your deep,it will serious damage to your health.Now,let’s learn some ways to relax together.

How to make yourself relax?If you always fell very anxiety or pissed off,you can try:

You should keep relax

1.Positive psychological suggestion.we should as much as possible forget all of negative thinking activity,think more positive and expected things,so that we can finally succeed.

2.Hear some music.we can choose a song with a strong sense of rhythm and a cheerful atmosphere,use those kind of music to help “waking up” our emotional state and energy levels.

3.Adequate preparation. The expressor can reinforce and reinforce the confidence and eliminate the inner tension. Global speech champion Craig said: When I was standing there facing thousands of eyes, I was already in my own home, in the mirror, and made more than a thousand times to my family and friends. So, when I really stood under the spotlight and started speaking, I felt very comfortable and relaxed, just like I was at home.

4.Take a deep breath. When you close your eyes and take a deep breath, because you concentrate all your attention, you can gradually eliminate all distractions and achieve the effect of eliminating tension and self-relaxation. Here we recommend the “Russian Breathing Method”: when you exhale, you don’t need a nose to call, but the teeth close together, and slowly exhale with your mouth. When the airflow passes through the teeth, it emits a “beep” like a rattlesnake. sound.

5.Having snack. The text only recommends that the speaker eat a small packet of almonds 10 to 15 minutes before the opening. Because when you are in a state of threat or tension, people will find that they are always dry, because in this state, our brain is running at a high speed, thinking about how to effectively deal with external threats. At this time, the mouth will stop secreting saliva.So, before you start speaking, eat a small packet of almonds, one for your own energy, and more importantly, let the mouth fully release saliva, which in turn will send a signal to your brain, I am now in a safe state.

6.Facing friendly. When you start, you should never look for those who have a cold face and a serious look. And go find those friendly, kind, smiling listeners. You can even find one or two”childcare” and let them actively cooperate. This can also help us overcome tensions.

The above is a brief introduction to the methods of relieving anxiety and anger. When you are in a bad mood, you may wish to try like those. You will find that nothing is worthy of excessive anxiety and anger, and you will feel very relaxed.Also because of this, there will be no physical discomfort caused by poor mood.