Single-family Solar Homes program

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) casted a ballot Sept. 12 to affirm program usage for the Disadvantaged Communities – Single-family Solar Homes (DAC-SASH) program. A noteworthy new interest in extending sun based galvanized square tubing access, DAC-SASH intends to expand the appropriation of spotless, moderate sunlight based power by low-pay families in impeded networks. It works off of California’s momentous SASH program, which has helped 8,500 low-pay families go sunlight based in the course of the most recent ten years, and furnished more than 16,500 employment preparing understudies with hands-on sun based establishment experience.

Like SASH, DAC-SASH is directed by GRID Alternatives, a national non-benefit pioneer in making clean vitality innovation and occupations open to underserved networks. The Commissioners’ consistent vote favors the DAC-SASH Program Handbook and Implementation Plan made by GRID, and enables the program to scale all through the state’s Investor-Owned Utility regions of Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Southern California Edison Company, and San Diego Gas and Electric Company.

“California is a national head in extending access to sustainable power source to networks that can profit the most,” said Cathleen Monahan, VP of program organization with GRID Alternatives. “We are eager to actualize a high-sway statewide program that will lessen vitality bills for low-pay families and make important workforce improvement while giving powerful shopper security.”

DAC-SASH will give $8.5 million in motivating forces every year through 2030 to diminish the expense of going sunlight based for qualifying families, with an attention on networks most affected by high vitality costs. The program will likewise coordinate occupation preparing openings into each undertaking, making stepping stools of chance for people from all foundations to access generously compensated employments in California’s sun based industry, and guaranteeing enduring network advantage. A new position preparing entrance will give network individuals streamlined access to sun based occupation preparing and work openings.

“The CPUC Energy Division is satisfied that the DAC SASH program coming about because of Assembly Bill (AB) 327 has been endorsed and can start to be actualized over the state, advancing the CPUC’s interest in projects focusing on DACs,” said Edward Randolph, the CPUC’s agent official executive for vitality and atmosphere arrangement. “We anticipate working with GRID Alternatives and program partners to guarantee the program gives greatest effect in our most helpless networks.”

To fit the bill for DAC-SASH, clients must meet pay capabilities and live in the top 25% most burdened networks statewide utilizing the CalEnviroScreen. Network is at present tolerating applications to DAC-SASH through its Energy for All Program.