Disney’s resistance rises

Although the media guests did not complete the process, the drills provided were surprising. When the group left the ship after being captured by the first command, an audible gasp sounded. Waiting for more than 30 stormtroopers in huge hangers, all attracted attention.

Even without electronic animation or expansive music, this scene is awesome. Photography in this space is prohibited, and the media requires that their mobile phones and video equipment be packed before entering the space. Disney is keen to keep most of the surprises and secrets of this ride until fans can experience it themselves.

Disney's resistance rises

However, Chapek and Trowbridge did provide some insights into the journey of innovation. In the pre-show preview video, Vi Moradi is a new character created for the park and appeared in a newly released novel called “The Milky Way: Black Spire”. The heroes are welcome to resist but warn them of the danger ahead.

The large AT-AT vessel was fired on an eight-passenger vehicle driven by an R5 robot. The stormtroopers stared at the newly captured prisoner and a red light sword knife attempted to tear the ceiling of the transport ship.

Trowbridge said that the last moment of “kicking” appeared at the last moment. Once the capture of the resistance member and the cat-and-mouse game between the first sequence ends, the trackless vehicle enters the escape capsule and enters space.

“Rise of Resistance” has more than one riding system, and both Chapek and Trowbridge are joking on Tuesday. Parked vehicles parked throughout the journey actually travel to many other vehicles to achieve different types of motion.

“This will hit people’s minds,” said the visionary Chris Beatty. “This is unique and completely different, unlike anything we have developed so far.”

Beatty said that no matter how immersed in the legend of Star Wars, and it is both exciting and family-friendly, park visitors will be able to enjoy cycling.

“People will leave and go, ‘How did they do it?’” he said.

Although the Orlando version is expected to be operational on December 5th, its California model will open on January 17. Disney initially expected two parking spaces to be open by the end of 2019.

Although some speculate that the ride will be open later, because it includes the spoiler of “Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker”, released in Orlando in early December – a few weeks before the film’s December 20 release date – seems to refute That statement.

Other rumors focus on driving that may have technical difficulties. When asked about the opportunity, Chapek said that Disney wants to ensure the reliability of the ride and prepare for the guests.

“The secret is that we don’t plan to line up,” he said. “The focus is on building capacity. The ten-hour route is not successful… we are trying to avoid this.”