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Taida air swept tubular drying machine can uttermost eliminate harmful substances contained in painting sludge. Also, it is a kind of work which holds strict requirements for environment, temperature and other different indicators. In order to guarantee good quality, painting process has specific requirements for cleanliness, temperature, humidity and ventilation lighting system. During the pretreatment, coating and drying process, there will be exhaust gas, sewage and waste residues produced. Especially, organic solvent in paints are always flammable and explosive matters that are harmful to people’s health. Without proper disposal, it will not only affect operators’ health and security, but also cause pollution to environment.

This equipment uses clean energy as the heating and drying energy, adopts direct heating, and does not produce toxic substances such as dioxins during the treatment process. Compared with the direct incineration of sludge, the super sludge dryer requires less energy and reduces carbon emissions, which meets the national low-carbon environmental protection requirements. The feed board area, wet sludge in the region has a low moisture state of loose, material in this area has not sticking phenomenon, after heat exchange materials to achieve the required moisture state, in the final discharge area.

After the material is crushed, the contact area between the material and the hot air is increased, the hot air is fully utilized, and the exhaust hot air is recycled, which greatly reduces the energy consumption. The dried product is a particle with a particle size of 1-5mm and high calorific value. Therefore, the device can be applied to materials with different properties, floccules and lumps, etc. Compared with direct sludge incineration, super rotary dryer requires less energy with low carbon emissions, in line with national low-carbon environmental requirements. This device uses clean energy as heating & drying energy, and direct heating method, during which no dioxins and other toxic substances are produced. Sludge drying, low material slurry drying and organic waste drying with high moisture contents can be done easily, safely, surely and with low-cost.

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Through suitable treatment, harmful wastes can be used to make bricks. About wastes without any recycling value, our drying system can realize harmlessness and quantity reduction maximally. Sewage sludge drying reduces transport and disposal costs and contributes therefore to sustainable resource preservation. Kenki dryer bases on the unique design of self-cleaning double screw conveyors that guarantees the effective process of moving the feedstock.

Usually, 230 to 380 mm (9 to 15 in.) of sand is placed over 200 to 460 mm (8 to 18 in.) of graded gravel. A thicker sand layer secures a good filtrate and reduces the frequency of sand replacement caused by losses from cleaning operations. However, a deeper sand layer generally retards the draining process. The sand is usually 0.3 to 0.75 mm (0.01 to 0.03 in.) in effective diameter and has a uniformity coefficient of less than 4.0.

If you’d like to talk with a sales representative about purchasing SUEZ’s products and services, you can reach us here. can realise disposal routes in both agriculture and thermal re-use. The sweep gas, drawn through the system by via the main ventilator fan and is re-heated in the hot gas generator before re-entering the dryer loop. Sludge dryer mounted under large Filter Press stand with control panel. Sludge enters the top of the dryer from a Filter Press or Sludge Conveyor. If you’re dealing with an excess of mud at your job site, you need an effective solution for removing it or transporting it to where it might be needed.

Each project is unique from the initial inquiry to the final build. Contact us to discuss your specific needs so that we can create the best combination of products for you. The Computer-Aided Design (“CAD”) files and all associated content posted to this website are created, uploaded, managed and owned by third party users. Each CAD and any associated text, image or data is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with any company, organization or real-world item, product, or good it may purport to portray. If the ambient temperature exceeds the intended threshold, then the liquid in the glass cylinder expands until it explodes. Extinguishing water spreads into the overheated area and any possible fire is immediately extinguished.

In view of the characteristics of oily sludge, the two section incineration system of “rotary kiln and two combustion chambers” is used for the full combustion of all the combustible materials in the sludge. Our factory covers an area of square meters and our modern green plant covers an area of square meters. We have more than 600 sets of equipment such as large and medium sized gold processing, rivet solder and assembly equipment. DryWa is a revolutionary thermal stand-alone system to dry sewage sludge, achieving a 95% of weight reduction in only 15 m² surface . DryWa is a system to dry sewage sludge, where the input is the wet sludge (around 25% DM) and the outputs are ashes and emissions into the atmosphere.

The whole equipment adopts closed running design, no odor out, no need to add expensive odor removal system. The system can further reduce the water content to 10-30% adjustable as you wish. Our dryer can operate on Natural Gas, Propane, RNG, CHP Exhaust or a combination. PETRA TEXTIMA is committed to help the customers not only by supplied the machine, but also helping the customers to find the right method and equipment to solve the problems. Our Service team is ready to help our customers in finding the solution uniquely fit for each industries. Compare to the above industries, it contains very high TSS, High BOD, High COD, High Oil Content and huge flow rate resulting huge amount of oily sludge.

The new feeding and discharging device eliminates the blockage, discontinuity, non-uniformity, and material return of the tumble dryer and reduced the load on the dust removal system. Pharmaceutical Industry Pharmaceutical wastewater is a type of organic wastewater with complex components, high biological toxicity, and difficult-to-degrade substances. Lower rotation of the shaft by improved agitation makes the power consumption smaller.

We supply you spare part service for 24 hours a day so you can recover production quickly and timely with the fittings timely supplied by us. The efficient dehumidifier widely used for drying of seafood,which need pay special attention to the control of temperature and humidity in drying.Such as fish drying,sea cucumber drying,seaweed drying,seaweed drying,shrimps drying,etc. The intention of such initiatives is to control and meet overall pollution load targets for a given watershed by trading nutrient reduction credits between point and non-point source dischargers.