to source our own machinery which perfectly compliments the range we partner with GMP. Our Multi-Lam Foil FX & Multi-Lam Burst models offer a compact, reliable, heavy duty desktop laminating & encapsulating machine that is ideal for the education and copy shop markets. Utilizing nylon “lay-flat” laminating films, single-sided roll laminators are most commonly used for laminating book covers. offers all types of roll laminators, designed for the school, government, office, copy shop and print cửa hàng markets at the guaranteed lowest cost. The highest temperature at which the machine can be set also varies among machines. There are usually two temperature readings on the control panel, indicating the actual temperature and the set temperature.

The process of heating the glue prior to applying the film to a substrate allows for a faster application of the film. The laminates and adhesives used are generally cheaper to manufacture than cold roll laminates, often as much as half the cost depending on the comparison made. As the materials are non-adhesive until exposed to heat, they are much easier to handle.

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Plus, its increased 6mm mounting gap ensures that mounting to foam core is quick and frustration-free. Equipped with new easy-to-use features including an open design, pivoting table, AutoSpeed and programmable presets, the Catena 65 is now simpler than ever to operate – even for first-time users. Pouch lamination and roll to roll lamination share several features in common. Both processes use heat to melt glue found on the inside of the lamination film. Use either to laminate photos, cards, menus, business cards and much more.

Place the items to be laminated on the feed plate, taking care to make sure they are centered. They are big and bulky, and they are most often used in copy shops and schools. Please clear the browsing history before ordering the product. That are ideal for printing store and package printing Houses. Hitech”s heavy duty Foliant range of Thermal Roll Laminators.

This feature also allows for easier threading, jam clearing, and roller cleaning. The LPE-3510 is also widely-used by printers for on-demand lamination of prints from their toner-based digital presses or copiers. We pride ourselves on developing laminating technologies to solve the most challenging design problems. Our flexible modular manufacturing facility is perfect for your R&D needs, and our experts are always ready to assist.

WALCO® industrial laminators are high performance equipment which allows an easy and fast lamination of protective films without wrinkles or bubbles in any size and on any flat surface. WALCO® roll laminators offer the best available performances on the market regardless of the surface to protect. Always a popular choice for education, the New Ultima 65® Roll laminator is now better than ever. With EZload® film technology as well as Standard load, using the laminator is virtually fool proof. EZLoad Film rolls are easy to mount correctly the first time greatly reducing the chance of film wraps.

Cold lamination; mounting prints; applying vinyls, tapes, & adhesive films; single banners; reel to reel laminates; posters, graphics & signs; pop-up displays; outdoor signage. Easymount 1400 Sign AIR, 1420mm Cold Pneumatic LaminatorAll the benefits of the Easymount Sign with the fantastic added benefit of pneumatic and automated pressure control. The Tamerica TCC-655Q 25″ roll laminator can easily laminate everything from small documents to large posters. This two sided laminator is appropriate for schools, businesses, and copy and print shops. The Versalam-2700 EP does everything the 2700 P does and does it faster.

Dual-purpose machines that may be run with either heat-activated or pressure-sensitive materials. “Cold” machines, which use pressure-sensitive films which are applied only by pressure and without heat. 27″ wide lamination, encapsulation and mounting, can accomodate boards up to 1/4″ thick, also handles psa adhesive films with handy rewind feature. Laminates up to 12″ wide, easily encapsulates and mounts digital print output using thermal films up to 10 mil thick.

Due to our own detailed understanding of the Laminating markets we have managed

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