Air Cooled Chiller, Used Freon Package Air Cooled Chillers At Discount Prices

Federal agencies must purchase products that meet or exceed FEMP-designated efficiency levels. The Air-Cooled Chillers offer continuous cooling with a standard temperature range of +5° to +27°C. However, if lower temperatures are required, the Low Temperature Chillers are designed for a -40° to +35°C temperature range.

It also included a refurbished/rebuilt water pump and a brand-new reservoir tank, tank insulation, and new process piping adjacent to the tank. This nice Temptek ton Air Cooled Chiller is 460 volt, uses the latest R410a refrigerant, and has brazed plate exchanger and 10hp Copeland Compressor. This particular unit was configured prior for a customer who was using their own central tank and pump, so this unit does NOT have a pump and tank internal to it. Unit was cleaned, leak tested, and run & tested for several days by our licensed HVAC technician prior to shipping.

Arrived last week of January 2016 to KIG’s facility was this nice 2009 McQuay 50 ton Air Cooled Chiller. Made in 2010, this is a highly engineered nice outdoor rated chiller unit for process or comfort cooling and with low ambient capability for year round operation in colder climates . This unit underwent a refurbishment, including complete repainting of the chiller.

In addition to simplifying access for a building’s maintenance crew, large water chilled systems also provide greater energy efficiency than smaller, individual systems. In the evaporator, chilled water is created when unwanted heat is drawn into the refrigerant before it is fed into the condenser. Air-Cooled Chillers are typically located outdoors and can be on the roof, parking lot or at ground level, wherever there is access to a lot of fresh air to reject the heat generated by the process. If the chiller is placed indoors, it is important that there be adequate ventilation. Budzar Industries has the capability and experience to design, engineer and manufacture both stationary and portable air-cooled chillers to your exact specifications. At J.C. Younger Company, we offer chiller rentals to all kinds of industries.

The benefits of inverter air conditioners include energy efficiency in buildings, lower energy consumption, running costs and impact on power grid, accurate comfort and high quality in process. The Arctic Chiller Group specializes in the design and manufacturing of modular chillers with multiple features for commercial HVAC applications and various industrial processes. Tandem Chillers original modular design to be serviced in place while the rest of the system continues to operate. Dual 410A scroll compressors chillers range from 10 to 85 tons with a maximum of 12 chillers in one group. Contact our team to learn more about the differences between air- and water-cooled comfort cooling chillers.

These acknowledged inefficiencies cost companies and building facilities billions of dollars annually. Cooling Power offers air cooled chillers to meet a wide variety of needs and demands. Contact us today for a free quote or to help determine the best option for you. Portable air-cooled chillers can also be used for large events or emergency situations. The refrigerant is the only fluid which moves around each of the components of the chiller. It changes its pressure, temperature, enthalpy and entroy as it moves around the machine and transports the unwanted heat away from the evaporator chilled water.

Air Cooled Chiller

Arrived at KIG in March 2016 were three never used, never installed, 2014 Koolant Koolers / Dimplex Thermal 1/2 ton Air Cooled Chillers. It is a robust, full-featured USA made indoor portable chiller with a pump and tank, and offered with money back guarantee. All units were run and tested completely at our 13,000 square foot facility prior to shipping. Arrived to KIG in January 2020 is this pair of nice Thermal Care 20 ton Air Cooled Chillers. Units are 2012 and have dual compressors, hefty 5 hp process pump, insulated tank, and upgraded to the NQ series touch screen control.

Water-cooled condensers perform the same function as air-cooled condensers, but require two steps to complete the heat transfer. First, heat moves from refrigerant vapor into the condenser water. Then, the warm condenser water is pumped to a cooling tower where the process heat is ultimately discharged to the atmosphere.

First, it removes refrigerant from the evaporator and ensures that the pressure in the evaporator remains low enough to absorb heat at the correct rate. Second, it raises the pressure in outgoing refrigerant vapor to ensure that its temperature remains high enough to release heat when it reaches the condenser. The latent heat given up as the refrigerant changes from vapor to liquid is carried away from the environment by a cooling medium .

This unit is 460 volt, and has two scroll compressors, a brazed plate heat exchanger, Carrier’s quiet fans, and Comfort-Link Controls. This unit is outdoor weather rated, although we have seen users run them indoors also. This chiller was run and tested at our Massachusetts facility, where we ship about 100 chillers per year from.

We are the 25 years chillers manufacturers in Coimbatore, India. Standard features include state-of-the-art weather protection for V-shaped coils, enhancing the high-efficiency operating life of the total chiller unit. Remote location of the condenser can be a preferred option in many applications.